Is this the biggest single-chapter demolition of a character & fandom?

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Shanks combat feats starting with a banger, he trashed Kid and Killer at the same time. Surely we'll get to see the main ones in his fight against Blackbeard.

On a related note, I never had Kaido as the #1 in the verse. I had some people above him, Shanks being one of them. We'll get to see all Shanks he can do going forward but...I obviously remain of the stance that this won't shape well for Kaido at all. Big Meme isn't even in the conversation, she gets packed up by all the admirals/emperors.

@ConquistadoR And this chapter, once again, looks really good for Mihawk. Next we'll see Shanks sleeping with his sword.
Or Roger just didn't intend to harm Oden while Shanks wanted to end Kidd.
That would be mad headcanon and another way to downplay Oden....

Both are CoC infused attack ....., a hit from advCoC is a real deal especially it's a name attack......."didn't intend to harm him" doesn't form a meaning here.
Luffy can't used advCoC name attack (OverKong Gun....BR gun) if he don't intend to harm his opponent
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