Is this the biggest single-chapter demolition of a character & fandom?

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I actually feel bad for the Kidd Pirates. Well, everyone besides the Captain himself. Killer tried to warn him, but instead he chose to get his whole crew killed.

You guys all talk shit about Luffy’s bad decisions but he’d never do something like this, especially if he knew that his crew couldn’t match up. There’s a difference between having faith in your crew and being a delusional hothead. Sabaody is a perfect example of this. RIP Killer
tbh Kid's strategy would have worked if he was up against the BMP or the Beast Pirates. BM is a clown and Kaido doesn't give a fuck about his crew, except maybe for the calamities. Kid would have been able to eat away at their numbers before he ultimately lost to the captain.

That's basically what Luffy did in WCI.

But Shanks is a different beast.

So with what shanks fight? Hand or leg?

Atleast I have panels to show shanks using sword - what you got? Nothing

Your insecurity with shanks being a swordsman is clearly apparent because it destroys your headcannon bubble regarding Mihawk
When u see shanks go all out and fight with nothing but a sword until his defeat u can say that, again headcannon bubble is you taking for granted he is a swordsman when its not confirmed, thats why he said mihawk has higher sword skill, haki is connected to swordmanship and shanks got the best haki so he cant be weaker then mihawk.
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