Is this the biggest single-chapter demolition of a character & fandom?

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That disrespect to destroy the Victoria punk like that, not even mentioning her emotional weight for kid pirates. Oda couldn’t have spit more in the face of the kid fandom.
Look i know it's hard to see considering all the trolling going on in here, but Oda doesn't care about fandoms or agendas or whatever lol

He made the character, he chose to make Kid be a big part of taking down BM and focus on him a substantial amount then had him come here to get destroyed.

So you can choose to believe that either a veteran author just randomly chose to spit in the face of a character he made for the lols or you can choose to believe he still has a plan for said character.
You ^^^

Says - Mihawk will never be stronger swordsman than shanks thus implies shanks is a swordsman

Also you ^^^

But then says - shanks isn't classified as swordsman


Talk about contradicting yourself within a line :milaugh:
Are you having reading comprehension probelms ? its not that complicated dude, i referred to ur point that shanks is a swordsman and debunked it by saying he cant be because he has better haki and better haki = stronger swordsman, so if mihawk is WSS doesn't make sense for someone with stronger haki to be weaker then him, therefore he isn't one.


Heavy Metal
If somebody comes at your home and starts challenging. Will you think about their emotions? You won't care? This is just realistic outcome bro.
I talk about oda, not shanks.
Didn’t know Kid raped odas wife or something what you want to imply.
Kid simply came to meet a man with the „burned mark“ and got attacked immediately by shanks pirates. Shanks literally send him
The message „drop your dream and all what ever matters for you, or I kill you“.
what options did he have?
dropping your dream is exactly what death in one piece resembles.
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