Is this the biggest single-chapter demolition of a character & fandom?

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The Sol King
These recency bias need to stop. Shanks is not stronger than kaido nor mihawk. He just has mentality to go out from very beginning while mihawk and kaido okay with his food. Kaido never serious until he has drunken hakke mode.
Law tanked Thunder Bagua. Kid was one shot by Kamusari. The damage output difference is too huge.

I didn't even talk about Mihawk and you go ahead and mention him. Seems like you're coping.
Are you having reading comprehension probelms ? its not that complicated dude, i referred to ur point that shanks is a swordsman and debunked it by saying he cant be because he has better haki and better haki = stronger swordsman, so if mihawk is WSS doesn't make sense for someone with stronger haki to be weaker then him, therefore he isn't one.
Ah okay, so when the World Government was issuing Mihawk's bounty, they justified his WSS title by comparing his swordsmanship to someone who's not a swordsman.

If someone came up to you and said that Mike Tyson is the best boxer because his boxing skills are better than Conor McGregor, would that make any sense? Nope.
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