Is this the biggest single-chapter demolition of a character & fandom?

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Gol D. Roger

ȶɦɛ քɨʀǟȶɛ ӄɨռɢ
It's no surprise Shanks's offense shits on the likes of Big Mom or even Kaido for that matter. Shanks is an offense-centric fighter while Kaido and Big Mom are more defensive types. Shanks's offense is much better than the Rocks duo just like how their defensive prowess like endurance, durability, etc, shits on that of Shanks. With that being said, it's obvious Shanks is stronger than Big Mom, but this chapter isn't enough to put him over Kaido, period. Kaido's still number 1.
Kid was playing dirty, cant blame Shanks here.
He even confirmed that he is not injured from his previous fight.

Shanks went all out? Same goes for Kid. He was also charging up his strongest attack, just to destroy some ships.

What was he gonna do, destroy all of the Elbaf?
Poor decision making from Kid. He didnt learn from Luffy, or Wano arc as a whole.
damned punk is less of a "final attack" and more of a "strongest form" type thing

The equivalent is Luffy using G5 on Lucci or Sanji using his germa eyebrows against SShark


The Sol King
Base TB one shotted fresh G4 Luffy too.
I'm certain even Act1 Luffy with G4 has better endurance, will power, durability than any version of Law ......

It's Oda inconsistent writing.
When the main battle starts you cannot get one shotted again just like that because fighting cannot go back and forth otherwise. That's why Luffy contines to eat several Kaido CoC attack when the plot requires it...
Kaido could do the same with high end attack of TB to current Kidd
Sure, you can call it incosistent writing, but the fact remains that Law tanked thunder bagua and continued fighting. This simply means Rooftop Law can tank better than Act-1 G4. Not something I would like, but its what the manga showed.
Skilled swordman can choose what their sword cuts and what it doesn't

I dont believe shanks or roger were holding back against kid or oden. Them going out their way to not cut them doesn't make sense imo
Devine departure might just be a blunt attack like a shock wave
It’s amazing to see your coping skills live in action. He said nothing about holding back. You said Roger and shanks aren’t cutting it’s more of a shockwave . He showed proof that swinging a sword without cutting is a master swordsman abilities and somehow you turn it into Roger and shanks aren’t holding back so I don’t believe that’s what they are doing .
I truly don't think Oda is as personally invested in some of these characters as the fandom. Maybe some of the SHs, but probably not Kid.

The thing about Kid is that him losing is the point. If Kid won, then he would be the main character. But he isn't, so he has to lose.
That being said, I still think that there's scope to criticize how Oda writes Kid. But his loss isn't really the issue. Rather its the depth of the characters.

Kid is a very important character. Even through his loss. Yet he never got the attention he deserved in terms of development or screen time. Imo that's a much worse sin on Oda's part than him having Kid get oneshot, which is really whatever.

Kid plays a similar role in One Piece as Stannis Baratheon in GOT/ASOIF. Yet fans love Stannis while they hate Kid and constantly clown on him. Why is that? Because Loda is a mid writer. The dude literally gives more attention to filler Vegapunk traitor plot than he did to one of Luffy's rivals. As a result, One Piece lacks substance and its fandom is driven by powerscaling agendas rather than an actual appreciation for the story.
Yeah honestly, it's much more of a failure of building up his character until this moment than this moment itself.

Please don't call him Loda though, imagine if someone called your wife Leronica :josad:
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