Is this the biggest single-chapter demolition of a character & fandom?

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Did he put his defenses up ? Could he even move, just one single reflex ? Then no, he didn't react to him.

So apparently looking up at Shanks and saying "Red Hair!" isn't reacting...sure.

And he's holding a giant metal cannon expect him to block while doing that?

Of course this isn't to take anything away from Shanks, he would have landed the attack and probably one shot Kidd regardless, but let's not ignore what's blatantly there lol.
Skilled swordman can choose what their sword cuts and what it doesn't

I dont believe shanks or roger were holding back against kid or oden. Them going out their way to not cut them doesn't make sense imo
Devine departure might just be a blunt attack like a shock wave
maybe it is
but under normal circumstances a slash from the sword should cut
for it not to as you have stated would have to be on the part of the user.
God damn, Oda really gave Kid nothing this chapter.

-points out that all of Shanks subordinate captains are fodder among fodder.
-has Shanks make sure that all the Kid Pirates are fully recovered before demolition.
-the Dorry and Broggy Fuck You All attack for good measure.

Everyone thinking the Blackbeard quote is just Oda trying to retrospectively explain his Red tie in lol. I’ll take it though, it does actually make sense.
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