Is this the biggest single-chapter demolition of a character & fandom?

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Wait I just noticed something crazy…….
You guys know how Luffy got the Ryuma parallel?

I think Sanji has a ryuma paralell too

There’s a black haired ryuma, a blue haired ryuma now a green haired ryuma

There’s a red haired Sanji, a blue haired Sanji AND a green haired Sanji……BRUHHHH 😱😱😱
It’s amazing to see your coping skills live in action. He said nothing about holding back. You said Roger and shanks aren’t cutting it’s more of a shockwave . He showed proof that swinging a sword without cutting is a master swordsman abilities and somehow you turn it into Roger and shanks aren’t holding back so I don’t believe that’s what they are doing .
If not due to holding back why would roger and shanks go out of their way to not cut them?
How does not cutting them help?
Shanks had an entire fleet of ships
DP is a powerful cannon

it was the best move he could have used. Its not like he was using it on a single fodder. He was going to use it to wipe out most of the RHP's manpower.
Yes, goes on to show that Kid dont have Luffy's plot armor.
Like how Luffy gets to fight Cracker away from all other BMP. Same for Luffy vs Katakuri.
But for Kid, it was 1 vs RHP and giants.

Maybe, Shanks would have listened to him if he had not used the long range attacks. Somehow, Shanks respect new generation. But what Kid tried to do was unacceptable for Shanks.
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