Is this the biggest single-chapter demolition of a character & fandom?

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If not due to holding back why would roger and shanks go out of their way to not cut them?
How does not cutting them help?
Does zoro cut an opponent every time he swings his sword at them? The question you should be asking yourself is this …. Zoro , Roger and shanks all coat their swords in Adv Coc haki and swing it . Why is only zoro a swordsman in my eyes and Roger and shanks I have to wait to see more ???? I’ll give you the answer to that right now buddy …..because you’re coping
Sure, you can call it incosistent writing, but the fact remains that Law tanked thunder bagua and continued fighting. This simply means Rooftop Law can tank better than Act-1 G4. Not something I would like, but its what the manga showed.
That's what inconsistency means.
Luffy get's one shotted by Ragnaraku
Few chapters later he tank Ragnaraku from boosted Drunk mode hybrid Kaido...... because the plot needed it.

Dressrosa show G4 Luffy far outclass Law by physical stats, durability, endurance etc.
Luffy went through another hellish battle in WCI while Law wasn't doing anything and waiting in Wano. This much stronger Dressrosa Luffy get one shotted again. Law would have same treatment by logic
It's taking the advantage of writing inconsistency on another field where TB is taken as casual attack .....

Gol D. Roger

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Not sure how you came to the conclusion that Shanks offense shits on Kaido's when Kaido has one shot comparable characters physically in just base form lol...but w.e, just typical recency bias.
Depends on how it's done. Kaido couldn't KO an exhausted Zoro and Law when the targetted area isn't a vulnerable part. If your signature move only works so well when you target a specific area of the body, then it's not as good as those attacks that work fine regardless of where they hit. Kid's a physical monster in his own right. Shanks didn't even directly hit him, yet KO'ed him in one hit. That's the definition of better AP. And it's a well-known fact for those who pay attention that top swordsmen in general come with a very high AP, so it is not recency bias.
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