Is this the biggest single-chapter demolition of a character & fandom?

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Rooftop Zoro (much weaker than the current one) intercepted and partially blocked Hakai, then endured the brunt and was able to fight Big Mom and later attack Kaido and wound him with a scar
Kid in the same issue? Was only able to watch and pray

Hakai is from Kaido + Big Mom
Shanks is clearly stronger than them individually but ofc he can't be stronger than them combined
And Current Kid was oneshotted by Shanks' Kamusari

Hell at one point Kid couldn't even block (not even partially) Ikkoku Sovereignity which us literally half of Hakai lol

Kid is dead
I mean as a top tier fighter
Damn do you realize that Oda took the care to let readers know that the only people in Red Hair Pirates he could beat were fodders lmao
Am I am sorry because I liked Kid and especially Killer, they deserved much more, their backstory was touching and I liked their drive

But concerning feats, that is
Let's see:
- He destroyed some of Big Meme's ships around the time of Fishman Island arc
- He lost his arm before he messed with Big Meme
- People seem to think it was Big Meme's subordinate who took his arm so it happened around the same time
- He started his Pirate alliance around the time of Dressrosa arc so he needed some time to set things up

I'd say not so long before the Straw Hats reunion, several weeks +/-
This was going to happen. He doesn't have advanced haki to defend. People getting hurt by this is absurdity.
Yes, the smell of Hell. :myman:

To beat Mihawk you need a Black Blade and Rupee and all others arent qualified for the job.
Especially Rupee, the biggest jobber there is. :milaugh:
This coming from a lolo fan is amusing. Mihawk is for losers like lolo. Gum gum pistol is enough to kill Mihawk.
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Ok bubba, whatever you say.
So far we have 4 confirmed future sight users
  1. Katakuri
  2. Luffy
  3. Kaido
  4. Shanks

So far 13 confirmed armament barrier users
  1. Sentomaru
  2. Marigold
  3. Kuzan
  4. Sakazuki
  5. Borsalino
  6. Rayleigh
  7. Hyogoro
  8. Kawamatsu
  9. Luffy
  10. Roger
  11. Whitebeard
  12. Kaidou
  13. Big Mom

So far technically 2 confirmed armament penetration users
  1. Rayleigh
  2. Luffy
So far 7 confirmed conqueror coating users. Their being levels in between them like no basic coating, no touch, and sky splitting
  1. Gol D. Roger
  2. Edward Newgate
  3. Kaidou
  4. Monkey D. Luffy
  5. Charlotte Linlin
  6. Yamato
  7. Roronoa Zoro
Luffy is everywere
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