Is this the biggest single-chapter demolition of a character & fandom?

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I don’t understand admiral stans defending and hyping GB. GB is a third-rate admiral with more Ls than Ws. GB couldn’t do anything to Sabo. Momo was going toe to toe with GB.Shanks wif haki-ed him so bad GB ran. GB was able to get weevil on a marine ship. I will give GB that. Would that stuff happen to other admirals?
Greenbull will probably fight Bartolomeo or something in the final war


Kitetsu Wanker
Zoro is able to control coating coc with 3 blades while Shanks can do it with only 1
The focus Zoro has to put to keep using coating coc is much harder than Shanks due to matematical reason

Coating 1 blade doesnt require so much haki, and focus but coating 3 blades at the same time is a challenge even for guys like Roger @nik87
It's been a year since I said that Zoro releases more haki than any other character in the game. :goyea:
@Sentinel @comrade @Playa4321 @Garp the Fist @HA001 OF THE RAIN @Geo @nik87 :endthis:
i said it , Kidd and Law are YC level but ppl clowned me and called me a hater now what ? don't tell me a low top tier is getting one shotted like that lmao ? Old Rayleigh , Old Garp , Old Sengoku and the List goes ; crazy how Zoro fans know how to powerscale :shocking:
Anyone able to power scale knew the whole time that Law and Kidd are nowhere close to top tier.
But good luck explaining that to the fandom that rides hype trains... :luuh:
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