Is this the biggest single-chapter demolition of a character & fandom?

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Hypothetical Dragon hype is crazy cause theoretically he should have all same Haki feats that Shanks can have plus Logia Awakening

He is legit the goat. Probably used to know Akainu and was stronger than him as well. Only character left with no named attack other than Mihawk.

Oda must have thought about his entrance for years now
Dragon is the only character that'll have Adv CoC + Logia Awakening safe.
Just read the summaries,not a bad chapter.It makes sense for Shanks go for a finishing move straight away.Well,at least Kidd is done for now.i think his entire crew will be made captive in Elbaf.Straw Hats might meet them in Elbaf.

Elder Lee Hung

Conqueror of the Stars
Green Bull rans away
Shanks is a coward
Ryokugyu single handedly faced down a force Shanks wouldn’t be brave enough to face even if he had his whole fleet to distract them. Lol

Currently Shanks cleanly destroyed Kidd singlehandedly.
Not even close, he sucker punched Kid while Kid was focused on his fleet and wasn’t prepared to deal with Shanks 1v1.

If Shanks was a real man he would’ve rowed out by himself to face Kid solo and he would’ve left his fleet on Elbaf.
He was complaining, like a child complains when punished by his parents.
Kids here are complaining about poss
It proves that Big Mom was definitely rusted as a top tier. There's no way that she was still in her prime. Now it also makes sense why Kaido called her pathetic when Big Mom jobbed to the supernovas on the rooftop - because in Kaido's view, she has become pathetic.

But Shanks is really built different. Even Kaido can't perform such a feat like that with a single ACoC swing. Unless it's his strongest TB or Ragnarok (not counting Blazing Bagua).
Agree. Though most interesting thing was one shotting someone of this tier so casually. Like saw through future sight about the possible damages so lets just finish all the trouble in one shot.

No matter how pathetic BM was before, but Kidd is someone who came here after defeating a yonko and than getting one shot like this proves Shanks capabilities and absolute strength. What do you think !?
I wonder who the fourth yonko was before Shanks? It must have been someone with a bounty of ≈ 3.8-4B considering the small gaps between BM, Kaido and WB. When Shanks took him out he himself got 4B + change. Because if there was no fourth yonko then it means Shanks must have stolen islands from WB, Kaido and BM. There can not have been independent islands. As soon as WB died BM stole FI.

Ochoku or whatever his name had Beehive, I guess he could have been the one who used to be a yonko before Shanks forced him to retreat leaving with only Beehive until BB took that as well. Apart from him and Shiki there are no candidates at all.
probably that guy that BB beat to conquer hachinosu or there was no fourth yonko.
People say that non DF using are going to be bad match for BB.
But i really don't think that be the case , BB going fight luffy who has all the haki stats.
Plus he will have his own haki stats the BB vs Luffy fight will show what true monsters they are in every thing .
BB going to die before facing Luffy or even Shanks :myman:
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