Is this the biggest single-chapter demolition of a character & fandom?

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Do you want a Yonko crew to run away from just 1 admiral :tchpepe:? The Gorosei fear Luffy's awakening for nothing if he can't beat one admiral. Luffy should cause mass destruction and win. Otherwise it'd suck ass and nobody will take him seriously.
If he kidnaps the most valuable intelect in the world and gives it to the most wanted man in the world i think its enough to scare the living shit out of them.Also,escaping a buster call lead by an admiral is a feat in itself.Straw Hats really don't need to engage here,they just need to flee.

Elder Lee Hung

Conqueror of the Stars
Why are you coping?

- Kidd was prepared to face the RHP
- charged his strongest attack to cause massive collateral damage
- Shanks wanted to make sure Kidd is fit and healthy
- charges at Kidd from the front and from long range
- Kidd fails to react and his entire crew gets wasted

Talking about being cowards tho:

Aokiji vs Jozu (YC3): "looks like you got distracted Jozu, now I'm one shotting you"

Kizaru vs Marco (YC1): "you turned your back on me Marco, now is the time to take you down"

I have nothing to cope about lol, Oda degraded Shanks hard this chapter which is okay with me. I just wish Shanks was man enough to ever fight real 1v1s instead of summoning his entire fleet just so he could sucker punch a distracted rookie.

I hope you guys will one day get to see the version of Shanks that you hallucinate about in action lol.
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