Is this the biggest single-chapter demolition of a character & fandom?

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So Big Mom delivered a barrage of attacks to Kidd, punched him, hit him with her sword, all while Kidd got taxed by Hawkins smashing his head against a wall to deliver the damage to Kidd.

Yet one swing of Shanks' blade ended Kidd.

@Read no Mi will hate this trick.
Swordsmanship is the pinnacle of power @nik87

The peak top tiers are mostly swordsman or uses supreme blades
Xebec , Whitebeard, Shiki , Mihawk , Shanks , Baldy Gorosei
Mid's New World Pirate career:
- Steal a Road Poneglyph from Meme under her nose (even Brook did it)
- Lose his arm to Benn Beckman
- Get rekt by Crydo
- Get enslaved by Crydo
- His 1st mate is forced to eat a faulty SMILE and serve Orochi
- His 1st mate is defeated by (starving) Zolo
- Almost get executed by Queen
- He (+ Low) somehow defeat Big Meme by chance
- Lose the Emperor replacement spot to some rich clown
- Couldn't beat Apoo
- Get rekt by Shanks

Did I get everything?
Seem like he only ever accomplished something against Big Meme... really make you think...
Law defeated Big Mom. Even oda said so.
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