Is this the biggest single-chapter demolition of a character & fandom?

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"Everything in this world exists for my taking"
I am still very bitter about how awfully Oda treated her, as well as her daughter, especially Smoothie and Compote, and other female characters such as Tashigi or Rebecca.
I mean the BMP might still show up as he did have morgans drop the line about them attacking the CP0 ships off Wano's coast.
I'm worried about Luffy now.Shanks might be a bad match up for him.
Yep, he is.

Shanks cancels his future sight.
And is a swordsman with superior haki.

Luffy doesn't have resistance to piercing attacks.
A look at how G5 Luffy reacted to advanced conqueror's blunt attacks from Kaido, vs some wind slash says this again. With Kaido especially noting this.

Top tier swordsmen are the worst matchup for Luffy/
Fraudhawk fans are only lorobitch fans
They try to gas him bc his is last opponent
I love Mihawk. I know he’s gonna have an amazing fight with Zoro

The issue is, Mihawk gas mainly comes because of Shanks and him being Zoro’s endgame opponent. Remove Shanks and Mihawk’s portrayal is questionable af

Remove Mihawk and Shanks still has some of the best portrayal in the series
You must a Kid fan then :suresure:
I'm not
Beck rips his Arm off and Kidd gets constantly hoe'd. Gets passed around the new world like a bitch.

Tries to form an awesome Alliance but gets betrayed by Apo

His best friend gets deformed by Kaido and he doesn't even do anything significant to get revenge for him

Gets outshined by law in big mom fight

Has his entire backstory shown in a sbs

Shanks AGAIN hoe's Kidd and makes his crew twerk for him and give up the ponoglyph

Finally the Narrator stunts on his bitch ass roasting him and says his hopes and dreams are shattered.

Didn't you create a thread asking why Oda doesn't show the fight, claiming Oda wants to hide the fact Shanks relies on another power greater than swordsmanship?

Why no WSS title for Roger? I guess because the PK title is the greatest title and the center of Roger's character and the story, while it would be irrelevant for the grand scheme of things that Roger was the strongest among the swordsmen in his period of time. It would add nothing to the narrative. Also, I guess the "WSS title" wasn't as relevant overall before the great era of piracy.
Mihawk himself said Pirate King is a higher goal than WSS.People read two piece.
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