Will Garp die at the end of this arc?

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Once again
Speed + Top CoO + AP is what really matters in battle

:kayneshrug:they said Katakuri can't keep or blitz top tiers
Or that snakeman was slow
Katakuri can blitz fs users and blitz snakeman

Old Garp isn't even above Boundman in speed

I was right to say AdCOC Luffy ~ or >= Admirals
He doesn't need g5 to beat Admirals
G5 vs Admirals is upper-mid diff max
If Base Luffy can dunk on Kaido like he did in 1010 ☠️ Law looked better than BB in their scuffle too. Scrubbards and Strawhats dunked on Kaido and BM respectively. It's the end outcome that matters.

Why can't the legendary Garp not have his shine without it taking nothing away from Aokiji? Some people are genuinely thick looool, so many people are being reactionary like Kuzan got negged.
Ok, It looks like the part about hesitant is about Garp himself.
Kuzan asks him if can he kill his former student. Garp answers: Yes, Kuzan. those who hesitate are weak.

Clearly talking about himself, not Kuzan.
Alternate option: Garp taking the easy out and just kills both to retire in peace and with no responsibilities :cheers:
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