Will Garp die at the end of this arc?

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He was KO for several hours. WB allies who were in the center of plaza had time to go to their ships and lift anchor and set sail


The man was not KO for several hours hell the war did not even last that long .
He got hit down into the crater in chapter 575 and some time did pass since WB died and BB steal his DF .
Then appear in front of Jinbei who was running in chapter 577 which mean he pass all those people you showing in those panels .


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My point is that the powercreep is non-existent. Shanks is just Oda's golden boy. Kaido will at least still look very strong in 100 chapters.
I doubt it

Dragon, Imu and Mihawk are about to look completely more broken than Kaido

and Blackbeard too, with given time

Luffy, Zoro and Sanji will all have to grow to face the challenge too

and there are still the Admirals left

so there's gonna be a bunch of characters looking better than Kaido and Big Mom before this series ends

the power only grows from here
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