One Piece Chapter 1082: "Let’s Go and Claim It!“

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the dialogue from

shanks: captain? am i….am I joyboy?

roger: don’t be silly. of course you’re not joyboy, buggy is. just think about it for a moment: CLOWN. LAUGH tale. JOY boy. you’ll have to wait until buggy grows up and becomes the pirate king. do look after him until that happens. luckily for us he’s LUCKY, so whatever setbacks may come your way, they won’t be permanent. don’t cry. as his loyal first mate, you will find the one piece too. don't tell him he's joyboy though as i don't want it to get to his head - i haven't told him either.

shanks: waaaah *sob*


buggy: why are we just sitting on our asses?! let’s find one piece, you’ve got everything one needs to become PK!

shanks: yeah no, i ain’t about that:gonope:

buggy: … tf??:pepecry:
Crocodile still wants to take over a country(utopia-alabasta2.0) and Mihawk is ok with it F
Buggy is a joke, this chapter is lame, oda is off paneling Garp vs bbps just to show these clowns


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@ConquistadoR did TCB hard trolled you by swapping the "wealth" and "power" lines positions?
I think they did yea.
Not that it matters much.
I know that Power is written for Mihawk in the raws & Wealth is written for Crocodile.

It's insane that Oda uses "Power" to refer Mihawk especially in this context, where Buggy is talking about the fkin Pirate King.