One Piece Chapter 1082: "Let’s Go and Claim It!“

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Welcome to the House of Hope
Idk why folks are selling Mihawk stocks and saying they won't wank him anymore after this chapter.
This isn't even bad for Mihawk.
Nor is it good.

I think it's a pretty fucking neutral chapter for Mihawk.
It's just that stoic characters like him and Croco getting dragged into one of Buggy's gags is the MOST One Piece characteristic comedy.
And it sets him up perfectly to have a reason to be in the final arcs and fight Zoro.

But people really go overboard with these. For better or for worse.
I love Cross Guild. So much entertainment value plus potential plot game changers. Actually thought that Buggy’s impassioned speech was going to awaken something in Mihawk and Croc lol.

Really looking forward to their big play coming up, be it against the Marines or the Yonko.

Disappointed that Oda couldn’t kill off the Lulusian’s. Hope we continue with the RA next chapter though, before cutting back to the Strawhats.