One Piece Chapter 1082: "Let’s Go and Claim It!“

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This was really a good chapter establishing Cross Guild as a serious threat for marines. They are actively hunting marines which is insane. We may get Marines vs Cross Guild soon. Hope Sengoku goes to Hachinosu to retrieve Garp.

Buggy’s passionate speech was really good. I think he kind of inspired Crocodile and Mihawk to fight for One Piece. The gags were funny too ngl.

Finally we are getting some revolutionary time. Hope Oda gives us what exactly happened at Reverie and Mariejoa next chapter. We are in the end game after all.
oh and if buggy ever dies, he'll die with a smile too. like ace, roger, saul etc. he doesn't think death is the worst thing that can happen to a person - he thinks not fulfilling one's dreams is worse. crocolisa and apehawk are trying to force him into this lame unambitious lifestyle and he'd rather die than live like that

xebec's son is carrying the will of D :catrude:


The Sol King

Too bad you guys wanked Mihawk for years and shit on BB to say ''he is coward'' etc get this at the end :milaugh:

Nope you guys can't get away that easy.

Trolls lowballed BB all these years ''BB is coward, BB is this BB is that'' , now you are comparing Mihawk to BB after shitting on BB like saying he is a coward etc? While some little trolls like @Kurozumi Wiwi @zenox @L55 etc were wanking Mihawk above anyone, saying he wouldn't care anything, he wouldn't act like BB etc

Now you guys saying ''even'' BB and using BB to scale Mihawk making a face because of a clown :suresure:

Also, BB never ran, he simply accepted Ray's offer to take his men back, and kidnapped Koby while Seraphims were on the island.
But it might just be some clashes here and there and Cross Guild coming on top.
But i'm not really sure about full fledged fights though.
Yeah, I get you.

Buuuuuuut (I know you want that Mihawk destroying Fuji feat lmao) hear me out: it would also be a opportunity to have Sengoku going all out. Awakened Buddha action, while those stat boosts and the insane recovery make him perform very similar to his prime. To be honest I would probably be more hyped about fucking Sengoku going all out than Fujitora, just for the vibe :D
And Mihawk would still get massive hype out of it