One Piece Chapter 1082: "Let’s Go and Claim It!“

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shanks is dying from the wounds BB inflicted on him

buggy: don't die! :pepecry: if you live, i will forgive you for scaring me into eating the bara bara no mi - i will never mention it again! :feelscryingman:you have to survive and become the next pirate king! look, i gave up my ambitions because i was rooting for you to become the PK - and you, well... you just let me down! but you have to live and become the pirate king pls don't die! :feelscryingman:

shanks: i'm sorry for letting you down but i can't be the pirate king.

buggy: what?!:pepeanger: that's a load of crock. of course you can! you've always been full of promise!

shanks: i'm a celestial dragon. roger told me a celestial dragon can't be the pirate king - i turned you down because i was upset and envious of you, thinking that if we set sail for laugh tale, you would become the pirate king and i wouldn't. that's why i refused to go :feelsokeman: i'm sorry.

Oda is obviously taking that Buggy Meme very far, but what if at some time in the future it stops being a meme. Buggy has some balls, if that guy happens to awaken his fruit, thanks to showing some guts in a very serious situation, he might get out of that with a very overpowered ability. I think Oda is cooking and I'm all for it


You can't win
So this was the original plan of Crocodile - Mihawk partnership

> Crocodile wanting to form his Utopia plan to create an organization that couldn't be threatened by anyone, especially the World Government

This way, Crocodile needed Mihawk's power and with wealth, running a business against the World Government. And from Mihawk's point of view, it was an opportunity for him to live in an organization that could allow him to live in peace

But it unexpectedly led to Buggy being publicly recognized as the yonko, tho a situation, which at first they viewed as benefiting them anyway

Except that it led to Buggy gaining more and more fame due to his followers worshipping him like crazy, and thus indirectly leading them into the battle for the One Piece where they'd unfortunately(to them) would have to carry him to the top

Trolling aside, I like the dynamic Oda created with Cross Guild, with Crocodile being the brain with wealth, Mihawk being the powerhouse and Buggy having the running gag of taking all the fame while continuously falling upwards lol
Marines are about to attack Cross Guild, it’s coming Fujitora and Ryokugyu vs Mihawk and Crocodile

Next step would be cross guild going to Wano! Claiming Pluton, a Lode Poneglyph, a Poneglyph Reader, and Mihawk can show those lame samurai what a true swordsman can do.
And with none of the Poneglyphs being protected by top tiers any more and Buggy knowing the location of 3 of them, Buggys god tier luck will allow him to stumble onto the fourth. Pirate King Buggy is happening!!