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Which Holy knight is your fav ?

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GJ using a 1v9 surprise attack.

Laramaki got blitzed and stabbed by Morley 1v1:kuzanshut::cheers::gokulaugh:. Cry
Aramaki neg diffed Scabbards in one panel
Meanwhile Crydo was on his last legs after 10 chapters, his hide fleshed out by complete fodder. No room for debate
Momo blitzed Kaido and bit him, mofo was screaming in pain lmao
At least blast breath burning wood is smth reasonable
In viz translation, fan translation there was no detail like that,while I don't know japanese. Are you 100% sure with translation? Ready to bet 100$ on that?
Dunno about viz or other fan translations but this is my translation: However the "Gorousei" expected Vegapunk's counterattack so they decided to set sail with one of their own and took admiral "Kizaru" along as a guard/bodyguard/escort(use the word you want it's all the same)
In the end the marine is only a subpart of the wg. The wg has much more fire power to deploy than mere larines with only 4 (including FA) top fighters
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Its said that one of them has horns
It also says that they're new characters. Kaido and BM are giants, the holy knight with the cowboy hat is probably a man and built like a fridge and people will still say it's BM.
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