One Piece - Chapter 1083: The Truth About That Day

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Evil twin is something really cheesy, but there is interesting potential here.

I think is shanks CD heritage more than the clone knight thing.
Also dude's a yonko with one the strongest CoC around, yu better respect
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Imagine a guy who can produce not only one gigachad but two at the same time with just one shot. Their father must have achieved the impossible, Black Balls.

the real Buggy Dama
I think knights will not be clones but only their leader would be shanks twin brother. Seeing the potential of good shanks to create one of best crew, evil shanks will also have some strong knights under him. Thats why sengoku was respecting good shanks and gorsei were respecting evil shanks.
Ok, but both Law AND Dofflamingo were able to handle the meteors efficiently. So you see it's not just Law, I would assume most characters of that caliber have some defense or trick to deal with the meteors.

For example, King can either tank it with no damage done. Or he can just burn it with magma fire before it reaches him.
Katakuri knows exactly where the meteor will hit and effectively dodge it.
Cracker can make his biscuit soldiers tank the front of the attack as he did with Gear 4 Luffy.
Smoothie can just cut the damn thing Like Law did.
Zoro can cut it a lot easier than Smoothie.
Sanji can just disappear.
Queen can blast the damn thing with his rapid laser beams.

Tho I would say for some people it's tricker than others because of match-ups but in the end, I think most commanders can handle Fujitora's Meteors, And I'm only talking about the Metero feats that we have seen until now, If Fujitora can bring down a giant ass meteor the size of a big mountain then I'll just shut up.
Again that’s not the point of the meteors it’s the end result that matters and oda keeps telling u this sure Fuji could of launched one on marygeoise but even if the revs do something against it the casualties to the cd are something that has to be accounted for … I agree with u most can cut the meteor etc or do something to it but for instance in a war where Fuji setting where there is no need to protect or hold back the meteor is dangerous af the aoe would be catastrophic for the enemies especially if the marines get away from it like this