One Piece - Chapter 1083: The Truth About That Day

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Uncle Van

Taxes Are a Sickness
@Gol D. Roger They're able to stall 2 Top Tiers 1v1 while talking on the den den mushi and will manage to escape without being hit once.

That's definitely enough of a feat to put them in the YC bracket
Morley has bruises so he really struggling but yeah, the Revos were called strong for able to fight back even with the handicaps. Good case for YC3/commander bracket minimum.
Expecting anybody but the straw hats to deal with a new group is a mistake
It has been told that Revos do not want to fight marines but the CDs
Who's Dragon, Sabo, Kuma? and the rest of Revos and Sword gonna fight in the final battle if not the CDs bodyguards?
SHs can't just fight everyone, there's no room

Also, expecting WSS Zoro and Chopper to share an opponent of the same rank is disgusting imo
I've said this before in the spoiler thread and I'll say it again here, Fuji and Green Bull were definitely nerfed during the battle against the Revs.

With the World Nobles around them they had to be very careful to make sure that none of them got hurt during the battle.