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What's Yamato's gender

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Stop talking about the 20 Families and stuff...They are shown as trash characters(from all perspectives) and have not even been made relevant..we don't even know the names...but the whole premise of WG is based on it... I thought earlier maybe it would be explored...but we just shitty CDs thats all.
B2: Ever since then, Queen Lily’s younger brother governed Arabasta for her.
B3: Is there anything you know about this..?
She got killed or she is Imu... Given Imu's reaction..obviously the former :tchpepe:
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Is cobra insinuating that the nefertari are all d.?
Does that mean shirahoshi is one aswell?
We get to know every SH but Sanji is a D.
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Rather than legs like shiki , Morley donated Something else.
He was tied by his D ... Ivankov used hormones and Morley was Freed from shackles :saturn:
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