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What's Yamato's gender

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I'm disappointed to hear your negative view of Arabic countries ... respecting women is an integral part of Islam. The religion emphasizes their equality, dignity, and rights. And I doubt you have visited any , you just talking straight from your gapping anus at this point . Shame on you.

They're gonna cause WW3 at this rate! (sarcasm ofc lol)

Emunopla watching this unfold all because he couldn't keep his mouth shut about the color spread:
I'm sad that nobody is talking about Imu lol Twitter is fighting
Well, Twitter is mostly a room of weird and narcisstic guys that need a place to bark out their nonsense, bc nobody listens to them in real life.

Btw Pew, can you explain what exactly did Shoaib predict about Imu/Lily/Vivi?

Love to hear those things, especially when it turns out that he might have nailed it.
Wait Redon is mad ocer the yamato thing? He should get mad at Oda then why tf a random twitter account, it's not like they drew that cover spread
Redon is a fraud, has been a fraud and always will be a fraud.

Last thing I say about that.

Remember how salty he got back when the whole Yamato discussion was on its peak and me and a lot of others here called redon out/mocked him bc of his ridiculous agenda and lack of common sense?

His hissy fit is still legendary up until this day.

Any sane fan has left that bs behind, but here redon throws a racist temper-tantrum again, just bc Oda depicted Yamato as a woman for the upteenth time (introduction, vivre card, official promo video, now the girls color spread etc.).
Not open for further replies.