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Who's the final villain?

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I have high expectations for Luffy vs Kaidou. I hope it's at least on the same level as Zoro vs King. It's hard to believe that they managed to deliver something decent for Yamato vs Kaidou, Sanji vs Queen, and finally Zoro vs King, but they would fail in Luffy vs Kaidou. I hope they do justice to it.

It doesn't have to be better; if it's already on the same level as Zoro vs King, it's good enough for me.
I mean in my opinion they will TRY to surpass it but the issue is how much can they even do? There is such a thing as doing too much..as Zoro vs King was a masterpiece, as it had just right amount of top tier animation.

If they did anymore it woulda turned into mumbo jumbo. So I also hope they don't go too crazy and ruin it and aim at taking it to the level of Zoro vs King and not have unrealistic goal of "Surpassing" it...
Imu the ranged weapon user?

Usopp bros, get on this while it's hot. Perona 2.0. An opponent only Usopp can beat!!!

Jokes aside, how does this contribute to the Imu is a fighter cause? Fairly good, or not conclusive?
They are a fighter.

Oda doesn't come up with that main antagonist vibe AND them personally killing Cobra with some crazy black/dark DF power for them to not be a fighter.

I'm getting Emperor Palpatine vibes from Imu.
Akainu never ordered anyone.

He was having a little tamper-tantrum bc he wasn't respected by them.

Didn't really go well for him as the Gorosei treated him like a little brat and immediately put him back in his place.
Next time link me the fanfic version of yours.

Akainu started off by giving them an order to never do that again on his back. Following that the Gorosei were actually hurt first and directly went into insulting him after which Akainu responded that they've lost complete control on the matter (calling them incompetent), that's where they snapped and insulted him again.

Gorbachev threw the Kuzan plot at Akainu attacking him for his incompetence of ending Kuzan with Akainu closing the topic by saying Kuzan has no ties to the Navy anymore.

This entire conversation was a back n forth Fuck you from both sides.

The Gorosei are literally the only ones throwing a tantrum by insulting, is your reading comprehension this bad ?
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