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Who's the final villain?

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Where did you get Yamato from bro? She's not joining the Straw Hats lmao. It's a finished deal, she's a side character and she is definitely not capable of defeating an Admiral.

Only Straw Hats that will fight Admirals are Luffy and Zoro as it should be. PK and his WSS.

Sanji is not up there with the boys.

I also expect one Admiral to deflect/oppose WG in the final fight.
So Luffy fights Akainu and Zoro fights let’s say kizaru. What about Fujitora and Greenbull?
Next time link me the fanfic version of yours.

Akainu started off by giving them an order to never do that again on his back. Following that the Gorosei were actually hurt first and directly went into insulting him after which Akainu responded that they've lost complete control on the matter (calling them incompetent), that's where they snapped and insulted him again.

Gorbachev threw the Kuzan plot at Akainu attacking him for his incompetence of ending Kuzan with Akainu closing the topic by saying Kuzan has no ties to the Navy anymore.

This entire conversation was a back n forth Fuck you from both sides.

The Gorosei are literally the only ones throwing a tantrum by insulting, is your reading comprehension this bad ?
Not really.

You just emphasized my point even more by posting that conversation.

It's a butthurt underling trying to talk smack to his bosses, who are pissed off ofc and actually make clear where his place is.

So thanks for clearing this up again.
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