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Who's the final villain?

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How does it feel to be a absolute fucking dumb clown.

When did I say Jabra wasn't part of the CP0? I said the masked CP0 agents were different class compared to average CP0 agents unless Robin was lying or this is a mistranslation =>

From film red, we already knew Blueno was a CP0. Even Spandam is a CP0 IIRC. So its hardly surprising that Jabra is a CP0. Nothing to throw a parade over lmao.
Imu actually talking for the first time ever, more lore, Sabo, Vivi, everything.
That is the core of my disappointment.
Hearing Imu speaks, he/she/it/they sounds like your every day run of the mill villain with basic arrogance.
It doesn't feel like I am hearing God or King of the World speak, Mihawk's words sound more impactful that Imus.

To portray a God like character, least Oda could have done is take some notes from Kishimoto, on how he portrayed Sage of Six paths, Kaguya etc.

Tho best thing to do would be take some notes from mythology since Oda loves Hinduism and Buddhism reference. Read some ancient texts like Mahabharrata, Ramayan, maybe some Greek and Norse mythology.

Imu literally sounds like a typical One Piece villain.
And that's disappointing.
He shouldn't be your run of the mill Mythical Zoan, his words, his conflicts shouldn't be like your average evil pirate or corrupt Marine.

If Imu/Gorosei are indeed god tier fighters does that make Roger a fraud for not taking them out or the real fraud are them cuz they let Roger go to Raftel/finding all the RP.
They are watching. Its like yall never read Shonen before . Main villains always hide behind the scenes till they gotta move
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