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Who's the final villain?

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Because imo, the initial does not mean anything in the grand scheme to Im. This chapter even supports that Im is okay with certain D, i.e. Vivi for whatever reason, and they were supposed to be Celestial Dragons at one point.

What matters is your actions. Garp has been kept alive because of his God Valley actions, even though his son and grandson are literally some of the most wanted men on the planet.

What is wild is that Ace did not have the luxury due to Roger., and was executed because of a blood relation. Theres a ton there we just dont know yet
The difference is throughout Ace’s execution, we never saw the Gorosei. His death was purely a move by the marines as far as we know
Probably not but he knows about the God's Knights and empty throne and seeing Imu sit there makes it pretty obvious that he's the leader.
Well yeah he know now but i don't see how he can declaring war personally .
Dragon has no way to contach Imu and he sure as shit not going to holy land or risk giving away where he is .
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