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Who's the final villain?

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Dude. Sabo got Cobra. Cobra was SINGING a fucking poem from Void Century. And you say that they didn't even made 2 feet? Hahahaha.

Imu and Gorosei are highly incompetents and weak. Imu just proved they were like that since Void Century because they didn't knew Lily was a D.
I don't want to use Admiral fans scaling but they used marineford match ups to powerscale and now we have revo commanders vs Admirals and the revos n°2 vs Gorosei, does it mean anything?
Oda does better when he drip feeds hints to the void century when he gives up a cluster dump like this it all feels a bit out of nowhere.

Cobra and Vivi are D's now? Cobra better be smiling when he dies and can someone check to see if Vivi was smiling when she nearly died pre timeskip a few times.

Who else is a D? Smoker? Lolby? Nami?

Sabo getting called Sa D Bo is by far the most cringe inducing thing I've ever read.


The most interesting thing about the void century is how the hell does Toki fit into all this?

Was Lily an undercover traitor from the start or did she change halfway through?

Imu swallowing fire makes me believe he has a the Sea Sea Fruit or something like that.
Whether or not Vivi is a D that's related to Luffy won't stop certain people from shipping them.

Just saying. :kayneshrug:

And Im-sama I'm betting is some kind of demon. Would be ironic when he considers the D Clan "demons".

CoC: Color of Clowns

A Cow Man? Udderly Ridiculous
Honestly giant snake Imu would be really cool massive snakes take place in so many myths:

Leviathan in Christianity - Slain by god and served at a feast
Apophis in Egyptian myth - Slain by Ra the sun god as a symbol for the sunrise
Python in Greek myth - Slain by Apollo the sun god due to Pythons transgressions against Apollos mother
Jormungandr - Encircles and poisons the earth until he’s slain by Thor
I really hope it's Leviathan (would fit with the feast element really well).

Back in Skypiea, they worshipped a snake as god... coincidence??? I think not!
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