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Who's the final villain?

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Imu and Sabo agendas aside, can we all agree that Wapol managing to escape Mariejois is fucking ridiculous

Like that building they are in is itself like the size of a town and Wapol not only ran the entire building length but also managed to get off Mariejois

And now he knows everything and is with fucking morgans
The guards mentioned last chapter that they are undermanned, so it makes sense
Dicks out :steef:

Unfortunately it's just a flashback, so he won't show js anything about their appearance and Powers but here we are, Lily, the PG, the master Plan, D, Dragon discovering Imu...

I just wanna get back ti Egghead and see what will happen, it would be intriguing of Saturn will be beaten or kidnapped by Blackbeard, or, since in BB ship there are Devon and Lafitte, It would be dope to see Blackbeard hypnotize or create a double of a Gorosei :endthis:

Oda, just push the rhythm, we want to see the fucking endgame
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