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Who's the final villain?

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It doesn't have to be and kaido will still be stronger

Alot of the things yall say make no sense but trying to shit on luffy for struggling with a seraphim while zoro is struggling just the same post king really doesnt
Damn bro you got me. :handsup:
Keep making all those threads that make sense, debunking titles and making up new titles and shit.
Btw is Luffy going to beat Kizaru after dealing with the King toddler? :bamathink:
Too comical.

Sabo should be dead the moment Gorosei and Imu realized he was there besides Cobra.

Wapol runs thru a room full of trained assassins with Rokushiki and Haki and they can't react to fodder Vivi tagging along and escaping with fodder Wapol.

Maybe Oda should just stop pretending and give every single one of Luffy's friends a replica of Nika Nika Fruit. Cause this shit was goofy as fuck.

Gorosei and Imu having Mythical ( I think ) Zoans is somewhat interesting. Another fake out when it comes to name since apparently, Imu starts saying "Mu".

Fujitora redemption arc starts now probably.
Gorosei are strong villains with big and slow sausage fingers.
Oh no i agree with both points lol
We have a deal Paper-san :endthis:
The question is: just how strong are they?
If Oda is a man, the stronger among them should be below Whitebeard and Kaido (like, n°3 at best), a level that Luffy Is about to reach.
I would love to see Pirates vs Marines and Revos vs WG (Dragon, Sabo, Kuma, Iva, the 4 Commanders vs Gorosei and Im), that implies that Dragon, once heard the full story from Sabo, will seek contact with his Son.

Maybe, he could reach Egghead with his particular ability and try a checkmate on Saturn
Imu and Gorosei hunting Sabo and Cobra down - those panels were creepy. I wonder why he was so secretive about ruling the world if he is really really strong? Can’t he/she just sit on throne and rule ?
In one of the panels, Imu looked surely like a woman. Hope Oda can write a woman villain who is an actual threat instead of being a gag character.

When I think about Vivi situation, she doesn’t actually know that Cobra is dead. Her leaving her father behind and escaping seems a bit out of character?
What if Imu is a trans? A false god that embody both woman and man like baphomet. Worship by knight templar in real world
Hmm probably the Gorosei dont have normal Zoan, but something more. B sides, i really like that shadow things, pehaps we will get a gimpse on at least Saturn powers soon.

Also Imu probably has powers beyond just DF ones, and he is really giving Lily vibes, wonder If he bad taken over her body.
Imu knows Dragon and Garp are D. He doesn't care all of them like he cares Luffy and BB. Debunked.
Debunked what? Those were his main worries. Nowhere does it mention he doesn't care. He's in his fort permanently, away from the eyes of the entire world. You are contradict yourself now.

Law has potentially the strongest counter anyway considering his conversation with Donflamingo.
Matching the timelines is a bit difficult but i think it was immediately after reverie because in 956 we saw weevil ready to fight marines and now with the recent chapter we saw the marines calling up Ryokugyu for backup.
Maybe 1 or 2 days passed but it still wasnt that long i think
To be fair characters can wear bandage for superficial wound, look at Garp and Sengoku after MF. Ryokugyu could still pack Weevil imo
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