One Piece - Chapter 1085: The death of Nefertari Cobra

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So is it just the four Blackbeard fans left who think he’s still relevant?
He must be relevant because Imu thinks so, holding Blackbeard's poster and tearing it apart. Blackbeard not only is from the D clan, he is Xebec's successor, an anomaly due to being able to consume multiple devil fruits and obtained an ability he was searching for decades specifically, which is able to shut down DF abilities completely, even those that transform your body permanently like Luffy's fruit, thus being able to shut down the fruits of the Gorosei, Imu and Luffy.

Obviously he will be relevant and not just removed.

So based on the standing positions

Gorbachev is this dude. That’s either a massive moustache or tusks. Anyone who knows japanese may be able to get a hint of his powers with the laugh

Next to him is the bird guy, who is the guy with the long moustaches

On the other side, Gandhi seems to be the human shaped one with the floating ribbon thing.
Saturn the bull, Blondie the giant?
Look between Saturn and the Monk, theres another line of shading. The giant is Imu, crawling down from the throne. Otherwise, the alignment just doesnt work. You can see Imu transforms right before that panel anyway
Before he defwated a yonko he had to overcome a YC1 and even that wasn't rmough but you get the point I am making lol, don't play dumb.
Im not playing dumb...Luffy hasnt defeated an Admiral yet either. The same argument can be made about him fighting one before Akainu.

The Gorosei on the other hand do not need to be fought now, we have too much story that involves other Yonko first.
Im just saying, look betweem the Monk and Saturn. Theres a small shadow with an outline. Then it appears on the next page and Imu is the big face in the middle when Sabo is running with Cobra
Yeah I see what you mean, at the same time it could just be part of the bull. To me it looks like oda was silhouetting the gorosei in one panel then all six in the next but I can see why it may be the other way.