One Piece - Chapter 1085: The death of Nefertari Cobra

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Author Eiichiro Oda's comment after chapter 1085:

While on the jury of the Tezuka Prize, I had a full conversation with mangaka Gege Akutami (author of the Jujutsu Kaisen manga series) for the first time in my life, what a very serious and noble person!

The favourite character of the author of Jujutsu Kaisen in the ONE PIECE series is Arlong, as he drew him when Eiichiro Oda reached chapter 1000.
There are other options:
- prove it with a paternity test
- vegapunk might have done in vitro
- gene splicing

Could also imply VP used Stussy as a womb to raise the clone. Would he have to? Was he still learning at the point?
Why are we getting this complicated for a shonen aimed at kids lol.

The chapter before Stussy was revealed to be the first successful clone of Bakkin. Bakkin the next chapter references Weevil as truly related to Whitebeard and namedrops Vegapunk, the person responsible for cloning her. Weevil looks like a failed clone of Whitebeard, in all but strength essentially.

How is this not the simplest explanation lol