One Piece - Chapter 1085: The death of Nefertari Cobra

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Cause what you are highlighting looks absolutely nothing like a body, doesn’t have any eyes and looks nothing like the big head it is supposed to be.

Everything here looks very clear and matches up

Red - bull horns
Blue- giant
Green- floating ribbon
Yellow- bird
Purple - tusks

Can see the eyes, can see a distinct feature that although a silhouette, still distinguishes the character.

Not five clear silhouette’s and a small blob one page which then turns into five different silhuette’s the next, where the small blob turns into a massive head and the blue giant suddenly isn’t even a silhouette anymore and is just a shadow with eyes.
the "blue" is imu in the right panel
That was actually great. If Oda hadn’t been abusing silhouettes all this time, I feel more people would appreciate their use in this chapter. I actually think it makes it better and feels more sinister.

I don’t know if Redon & co aren’t familiar with devil depictions in media, because the “arrow” looks like a devil’s tail, and the transformation indicates that Imu may be the Sea Devil which makes sense.
It may not even be a devil fruit.

Still…it’s disappointing that Oda didn’t even put much effort into making the escapes make sense.
Fuji doing some shenanigans was to be expected, so just another reminder for those who jump to conclusions without context to always be careful.

I was expecting that Sabo did run into the Admirals as well, so unless there’s more to explain why he got so much praise as the “Flame Emperor,” it looks like more false hype.

All in all, the Reverie outcome still seems like an improvised mess from Oda. It’s disappointing considering how promising the original Reveriee chapters were.
All in all, the Reverie outcome still seems like an improvised mess from Oda. It’s disappointing considering how promising the original Reveriee chapters were.
This part here you nailed

Oda trolled around 3 years with Wano and ha dno idea what dto do with Reverie and from the last few chapters about Mariejoi stuff, this one was the only interesting as we actually see something we didnt know
They said Cobra's fate was sealed as soon as he saw Imu, and yet Sabo saw him as well and managed to escape, someone seeing Imu and actually living after that is a massive failure from Imu and the Gorosei no matter how you look at it.
That I agree on. But you gotta move the plot somehow. And my point was more that escaping from someone much stronger than you is not such a big feat.
Wow this stupid debate is still going on LoL

Here two back to back pages
Show me the panel of anyone climbing
They couldn't even protect themselves how are they gonna protect Imu
Only one at the throne is Imu
So the one who comes down from throne is Imu
Gorosei doesn’t change their position in all three panels
What's so hard about it ?

I blame Oda's art and paneling, it's too cluttered. Also them being all silhouettes doesn't help
Why in the world are people saying the big guy crawling down the throne isn't Imu?
Because this

Is a small indistinct shadow that looks nothing like this giant head

or indeed, like it’s meant at all to be anything distinct we are meant to pay attention to

Whereas this

Looks very like this

And answers why Imu isn’t a silhouette in the last panel despite apparently having already been revealed in the first.