One Piece - Chapter 1085: The death of Nefertari Cobra

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Yes but what about this scene made you reach the conclusion that the D is like a club of cool kids?
It's like a damn discord invite. I give you an invite to the D. community you accept, so there it's a done deal, you're now part of the D club.
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Imu doesn't run the den-den mushi herself but most likely a direct servant like the one that informed Imu that the five elders are waiting for her in the throne room does.
That's what I am saying. It must be a servant. The other guy said Imu has control over it, well maybe Imu does. But there's no way Imu would spend time on sorting out snails and therefore involves a servant, but there's the risk of someone leaking "private stuff" and "secrets" when you involve more people.
I can’t believe people are fighting over silloutes
the big guy is clearly imu
it seems like Oda forgot to draw the second gorosei from the left or he is indeed become the very tiny silloute and his full head is behind Sabo or something
but god damn :gokulaugh: