One Piece - Chapter 1085: The death of Nefertari Cobra

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Hear me out:
What if we take Sabo literal?
"Hell was located here".

What if these Saints, contrary to name, actually can transform into some specific...lets call it Zoans to make it easier.
What if their Zoans aren't some animals or mythical beings but these Saints have actual Demonic Zoans?

Anyone heard of Moloch?
A calf or bull demon under Satan and one of the vicious and forbidden names in the church.

Or Malphas, a high rank bird demon in the Goetia, said to be a dove stork or a raven.

-logias are called the strongest
-Vegapunk can recreate Mythical zoans easily, but can't recreate logias because there's something special about them
Nika, Imu & Gorosei DFs >> any logia fruit
Kaido and Sengoku DFs > most if not all logias
strong logias (Magma, lightning, light...etc) >~ Marco & Yamato DFs > weak logias (smoker, caesar, caribou)
generally mythical zoans > logias no matter how u look at it.
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Are they all from the void century though? Just a chapter ago and some other chapter they were talking of a past world government, as if it were a separate entity.

Imu is clearly one of the 20 from the void century.

The Gorosei however might have been selected like the god hand in berserk. Imu acquires a mythical Zoan fruit that is very powerful, recruits a powerful individual under the Gorosei title, give them the fruit and makes them their underling after gifting them immortality through the ope ope no mi.

This would explain to me why Luffy's fruit is sought after, they'd like to collect all fruits that could pose a threat to them. Keep them under control.
Thats the thing how does one recruit for the Gorosei? They're probably not from that time, but Im curious on why Imu can trust them unless they're recruited from the Holy Knights, where all of them pass down the secret of Imu. Or each devil fruit they possess is special, whereas they can live for centuries without aging. I think its crazy a devil fruit can grant immortality, but all of them could have the operation done on them. But if theyre immortal, how can they lose to the shs/joyboy? Maybe theyre not even human anymore but been modified similar to the Vinsmokes.