One Piece - Chapter 1085: The death of Nefertari Cobra

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That was an interesting chapter! Vivi escaping with Wapol was pretty entertaining. I also like how we were able to learn more about Neferarti D. Lilly. It sounds like she was the first one to rebel against the world government. Now we know that Vivi is a D! One Piece needs more women who bear the name of D. We have Lilly, Vivi, and Rouge. Finally, I want to learn more about the Gorosei’s powers or devil fruits.
Definitely a reference to Dracula. It's in the name.

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Also nothing prevents Lili and Imu being the same body, if they aren't the same person it might be because of the personality swap.
And we'll be seeing Lily's face being punched to pieces according to the villains Luffy has fought so far?