One Piece - Chapter 1085: The death of Nefertari Cobra

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Well them meeting up wont make her learn about it though.

I just think Sabo needs to say it to both of them together like Cobra seemingly implies. This is making me wonder if she actually will reunite with them first. They can find put about her being a D. later on
Oh she will reunite with them soon, I just can’t think of how right now. Idk if Morgans deciding to look for the burned man will do the trick
I think there may have been an expectation Sabo or someone else would enter the room. It's perfectly angled so the Gorosei don't appear in the shot, and none of the Gorosei appear concerned, even though (sword?) gorosei notices Wapol peeking through a hole in the wall across the room
Oh shit.....wait thats the picture!

The den den mushi took a picture just as Cobra was attaked and Sabo appeared to use fire fist.

Its just the WG setting him up.
Maybe Sabo goes to Vivi and Dragon goes to Luffy

This could be set up for Sabo saying they have to tell them as an excuse to see Luffy

But idk in the middle of a war seems odd
Honestly sounds more like a reason for Sabo to reunite with Luffy.

I can see Sabo saying he needs to at least honor cobras last request since he has luffys vivre card. Especially since dragon said the holy knights will be gunning for Sabo specifically this is a good way to pull your enemies numbers away from the war.
He might be a terrible person, but this was a huge Wapol W this chapter.

Got away from Imu like it was nothing and got a new younger chick :myman:
In all honesty - this might've been the most "fuck that shit, I'm getting out of here right now"-moment in manga history.

Dude didn't even turn around or take a turn, he just chanelled his inner Usain Bolt and ran away in a straight line, eating himself through walls in world record time.