How strong is Figarland Garling ?

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Too basic

Agriculture guy and cook

Food wars is better

Agriculture gorosei has life controling powers that's why he is young

Jupiter is the largest gas planet

Gas for gorosei and fire for Sanju
Let's also add that

1. Jupiter/Zeus in mythology had a golden eagle (counterpart to Garuda) as an envoy.
2. Jupiter is Zeus, Nami has Zeus who Sanji quarrels with. Sanji fighting Zeus aka Jupiter is another gag turned serious (plus more SaNa hints.)
3. Jupiter is the 5th planet from the sun. Sanji is the 5th crew member.
Sure, with his DF ability.
Since when gravity allows to sense meteors in space?
Fuji's fodder ass can sense living things in dressrosa, and can separate rubbles from living things, easy to debunk.
What about rubble from intact objects?
:choppawhat: According to your logic, Fujtiroa would've lifted everything in dressrosa besides people
Also, didn't you just say it's not possible to sense inanimate objects?


Throughout Heaven & Earth,I alone am d Honored One
The fuck Kizaru serving the highest ranked celestial dragon(his bosses) has to do with power? You guys powerscale anything.
Higher authority means higher power

And, with Gorsei being named as warrior gods and with DFS then their higher authority can be equated to higher powers unlike in case of other CDs
Let's also add that

1. Jupiter/Zeus in mythology had a golden eagle (counterpart to Garuda) as an envoy.
2. Jupiter is Zeus, Nami has Zeus who Sanji quarrels with. Sanji fighting Zeus aka Jupiter is another gag turned serious (plus more SaNa hints.)
3. Jupiter is the 5th planet from the sun. Sanji is the 5th crew member.
Talk that talk bitch
Chapter 1086 script and summary provided thanks to @Shimotsuki Ghostly and ChatGPT:

Narrator: The tension in Mariejois reaches its peak as the world leaders gather for the Reverie. Sabo, who has just witnessed the shocking truth about the true leader of the world, Imu, makes a daring escape, carrying the weight of his friend's death on his shoulders. Meanwhile, the Five Elders convene in their chamber, their true identities finally unveiled.

(Scene: The Chamber of the Five Elders)

Elder 1: (Saturn) We have gathered here today to address the growing chaos that threatens our world.

Elder 2: (Ju Peter) Indeed, our respective roles as the Warrior Gods demand our utmost attention.

Elder 3: (Ethanbaron V. Nasujuro) The flames of unrest burn brighter with each passing day. We must protect our dominion.

Elder 4: (Topman Valkyrie) Our legal affairs must be handled swiftly and firmly to maintain order.

Elder 5: (Marcus Mars) The environment suffers under the weight of human ambition. We must preserve it.

(Scene: Lulusia Kingdom)

Narrator: Far away from the Holy Land, the fate of the Lulusia Kingdom hangs by a thread. Vegapunk's weapon, capable of obliterating the island, looms over the innocent inhabitants.

Kingdom Official: (Panicked) We must evacuate immediately! The weapon is nearing completion!

(Scene: The Nerona Family Estate)

Narrator: Back in Mariejois, the revelation of the Nerona family's involvement among the first twenty shakes the foundations of the world government.

World Noble: (Whispering) A Nerona as a Saint? How could we have missed such a crucial detail?

(Scene: The Holy Knights' Chamber)

Narrator: Mjosgard, a former slave and ally of the Straw Hat Pirates, finds himself facing a grim fate.

Holy Knights Leader: (Figarland D. Sneetch) Mjosgard, your crimes against the world cannot go unpunished. You shall face the ultimate sentence: death!

(Scene: The Rooftops of Mariejois)

Narrator: Sabo, injured and on the run, races across the rooftops, hoping to escape the clutches of the Holy Knights.

Sabo: (Grim determination) I can't let them silence me. I have to expose the truth!

(Scene: Imu's Throne Room)

Narrator: Imu, the enigmatic figure shrouded in mystery, awaits the world's submission from the throne room.

Imu: (Chilling voice) The world shall tremble under my rule. None shall escape my grasp.

(Scene: Final Page)

Narrator: As the chapter draws to a close, the truth behind Imu's identity is unveiled in a shocking twist.

Figarland D. Sneetch: (In disbelief) No... it can't be!

Narrator: The figure revealed as Imu is none other than Silver Foxy, a notorious pirate from the Long Ring Long Island arc!

(Scene: Cliffhanger)

Narrator: The world holds its breath as the revelation of Imu's true identity sends shockwaves through the ranks of the world government. What does this mean for the fate of the world? Find out in the next thrilling chapter of One Piece!

[End of Chapter 1086]

Summary: As chaos ensues during the Reverie, the true identities of the remaining Five Elders are finally unveiled. Each of them carries the prestigious title of "Warrior God," symbolizing their expertise and influence in various aspects of the world government.

The chapter opens with a dramatic scene as Sabo flees from the aftermath of King Cobra's murder, the Gorosei, and the enigmatic figure known as Imu. Sabo's heart races, his mind overwhelmed by the gravity of the situation.

Meanwhile, in the Holy Land Mariejois, a gathering takes place where the Five Elders make an unprecedented announcement. With the room hushed and the eyes of the world leaders fixed upon them, the Elders reveal their true names and titles.

First among them is Saturn, the warrior god of scientific defense. With a stern expression and an air of authority, Saturn's expertise lies in developing advanced weaponry and technologies that safeguard the world government.

The next warrior god introduced is Saint Shepherd Ju Peter, also known as Jupiter. With his flowing blonde hair and a regal presence, Ju Peter is hailed as the warrior god of agriculture. He is credited with implementing agricultural reforms that ensure the stability of food production across the world.

Another warrior god steps forward, Ethanbaron V. Nasujuro, bald-headed and wearing glasses. He is known as the warrior god of finance, Saint Venus. Nasujuro has been instrumental in managing the world government's vast financial resources, ensuring stability in global economies and trade.

Following him is Topman Valkyrie, the warrior god of legal affairs. With a grand mustache and a commanding presence, Valkyrie has overseen the enforcement of laws and regulations, maintaining order within the world government.

Lastly, the final warrior god is revealed—Marcus Mars, the warrior god of the environment. With a deep commitment to preserving the world's natural resources, Mars has dedicated himself to finding sustainable solutions and protecting the planet from ecological threats.

As the revelations unfold, another startling piece of information comes to light. Among the first twenty members of the Nerona family, there was a Saint Imu—a name that reverberates with significance. The implications of this revelation remain unclear, leaving the world leaders and readers pondering its potential impact.

In the midst of the turmoil, the Holy Knights pass their verdict on Mjosgard, sentencing him to death. The leader of the Holy Knights, Figarland D. Snitch, emerges, bearing a striking resemblance to the legendary pirate Shanks. He is an older, more serious version of Shanks, with a stern and harsh demeanor.

Just as the chapter seems to be reaching its climax, a shocking twist takes place. Imu, the enigmatic and powerful figure revealed earlier, removes their disguise. To everyone's astonishment, Imu is none other than Silver Foxy from the Long Ring Long Island arc. The revelation leaves the world leaders and readers alike perplexed, wondering about the true nature and motives of this unexpected imposter.

Chapter 1086 concludes with the image of Silver Foxy standing tall, a sinister grin playing across their face, as the world is left in awe and disbelief at the unexpected revelation.
It's a Shounen manga bro. When someone is titled "warrior god" you bet they're going to be powerful. We shouldn't have an issue with the Gorosei being God tier not even if they're stronger than the Admirals which is totally reasonable to assume (gotta provide feats though). We should however ask back how and in what way the Yonkou have confirmed themselves superior to the Gorosei as their fans seem mighty confident now.

We're eating regardless. Oda is ending anti-feats going strong for years with each chapter post wano.

- Admirals need permission to fight Yonkou
- Admirals were nerfed in the Holy land
- Kuzan being a member of the BBP means he's inferior to Teach
- Revos put Fuji in bandages
- Shanks stopped Marineford because of his diplomatic status

Lean back and observe the Egghead Wizaru greatness.
Warrior god sounds cool but it’s not comparable to stuff like Ryuma sword god tbh Even the most inbred CDs have holy titles. Imo the fact that Gorosei being warriors is seemingly not hidden is more of an argument in admirals favor than the opposite
His powers like the exoskeleton and heat resistance are still scientific in origin. Just because he's not wearing the raid suit doesn't mean this changed.
Heat resistance is disconnected. Oda stated it wasn’t from any Germa enhancements. Besides if their titles meant anything Nami would be fighting Nesjuro but we all know that isn’t happening.
Since when gravity allows to sense meteors in space?

What about rubble from intact objects?
He doesn't need to sense a shit, he sends random gravity beam and pulls a meteorite pussy, even Law redirected his ass, you think Fuji can sense that but can't sense Law's? :gokulaugh:

TACT his ass. Fuji can't sense 50 meters below Law. :vistalaugh:

They can't even sense where Sabo is and these dumb trolls think Fuji can sense space @Elder Lee Hung

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