How strong is Figarland Garling ?

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The Rogue Prince
Cause he got hit with a CoC blast as a surprise attack, then backed off realizing it's the Red Hair PIRATES, aka an entire Yonko crew. While he's by himself. What is he meant to do? lol.

Whitebeard ran from Marines in his prime, he's a CoC user.
The dude was almost in tears lol and Shanks wasnt even in Wano.

You cant spin it any other way, Shanks's crew didnt participate in that Haki blast and that virtually immobilized Broccoli Man. Cant see that happening to any CoC User really let alone people like Garp & Sengoku.
I was about to comment on this and I wouldn't call it amazing.

This dude is the biggest fraud in the series.

Like the whole Revo shit. Was this mfker even doing something 20 years or just having shocked faces to all events occurring during those 20 years?
Don't forget that 20 years ago the revs were not even big .
During the Ace flashback which less than 20 years ago the rev were still small .
It took them years to get this big .

Plus it not surprising dragon don't know the crazy shit VP up to since VP don't seem to care how his tech get used .
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