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Still wild people think Zoros going to go from soloing King to Kizaru then Shiryu…
As wild as Zoro soloing Pica then leaving a permanent scar on Kaido then fighting King…

As we all saw after Zoro beat Pica and get one shot by Kamazo he had an extreme diff fight with Who’s who. Therefore now he is just as strong to fight a YC3 character. And in 3 arc he will fight YC1 Shiliew. Logical progression.

But those damn Zorotard never learn :josad:


Because Luffy told them he wants them to let themselves get cuffed again and because Lucci literally told him he still planned to kill them all.
If they aren't cuffed it's PIS/CIS to make a betrayal possible.
Don't remembered Lucci agreeing with being handcuffed again. Just Kaku possibly lying to free themselves.

Anyway. They are allies now.
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