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Then why call it mother flame? I would think the wg tested the device on a smaller scale to understand its ability. Making an island "suspended" is unlikely. Maybe there some type of field that keep water from filling the hole up.
Changing the quantum state. Creating a force shield around the island etc.

If it's just a flame burning stuff up it wouldn't raise sea levels. It would lower sea levels as it "burns" the water turning it into steam. You don't see clouds forming above the hole. So the word flame doesn't really tell you what's going on either way. Neither does "mother".
Anyone think Oda is being specifically quiet on Smoker?

We see Tashigi without him.

We see numerous Vice Admirals and he's not there.

We see Hina and he's not there either.

Where is he? I think Oda is cooking up something for Smoker for real.
Yeah, there’s something up.
The Mother Flames is definitely powerful if it can wreak havoc around the world.

Currently it seems like Saturn wants to stay incognito. The fights will most likely be Luffy vs Kizaru and the SHs vs the VAs. We will have to see if Saturn makes his move.

The double spread of the Strawhats is great!
Thoughts about the chapter:

What we can deduct from the chapter: There is much, which happened during the short time between chapter 1078 and chapter 1089. The most obvious ones:
  • Bonney is not anymore focussed on getting revenge for her father’s predicament and is actually standing there right next to Vegapunk
  • Vegapunk is there and ready to flee with the SHP, but where are his Satellites?
  • Lucci is there with the SHP rather relaxingly observing them going against the WG
  • Robin is the only SHP, who is missing in this picture
  • The SHP are following an actual plan
  • The WG is even targeting persons, who have not come into contact with Vegapunk’s research, but still have a connection to him (Sentomaru)
  • Stussy and Kaku are not in the picture

Bonney: If I were to describe Bonney in the last panel here, I would note, how she is actually not even glancing at Vegapunk, but is almost back to how we know her from Sabaody (being extroverted while eating). We still don’t know if she still has a grudge against Vegapunk, but it seems that she at least for now has let go of her anger. It is however questionable, if she is making him still responsible for her father’s `death´.

Vegapunk: Vegapunk having his backpack strapped to his back indicates that he is ready to leave the island. But where are his Satellites? We know that some of them are injured/damaged, while others were only turned to stone or were still functionable (Atlas). Where are those currently? Surely the Stellar would not leave without his Satellites? Are they currently fulfilling a task that has to be done before leaving?

Lucci: Lucci is looking rather relaxed and even conveys that through his facial expression with his slight content smirk he wears. I haven’t seen this expression on him ever – not in Water 7 or Enies Lobby, and definitely not here in Egghead. On the contrary, he seemed rather on edge during this whole arc.

Now this “edginess” has seemingly fallen off.

Odd is also that he still seems to be on the side of the SHP, which was not what Luffy and he did agree on in chapter 1076. The former agreement stated that after the Seraphim were out of the way, he would go against Luffy in a fight for life and death. Now we see Lucci standing in the background and looking rather relaxed, while the SHP are following a strategy to get off of Egghead and go against the WG.

This means that Lucci has actually voluntarily defected from the WG and joined Luffy’s side during the small timeskip - this time not as a forced ally (birthed out of an urgent situation), but as a genuine one.

Don’t you think it strange that a “government dog”, would change sides so easily? (A tip of mine, if you haven’t read any of my analysis before: Look at Shaka – he and Lucci are related by blood and I think Lucci has finally met Shaka and seen his face [-which he was shot in. Luckily we had Chopper heading down into the basement towards where he was shot, before we had the short time skip.]).

A reminder – I did write that I think that Lucci will most probably defect in late December 2022. If you don’t believe me, here is the link of the thread: WG defector

Robin: What interests me is where Robin currently is. We have seen her oftentimes go somewhere to find Poneglyphs on her own, when the SHP were on an island. And again here she has the possibility to work with someone who has read the books from Ohara and knows of the ancient language. The question is therefore, what she is doing currently – is she working with one of the Satellites and using her knowledge to further Vegapunk’s knowledge about the ancient power source or something alike? Does her disappearance even have to do with her knowledge seeking?

The plan the SHP are following: What is strange is that, here we have a panel, which depicts a situation in which the SHP are currently cornered by the WG, but still seem to have the upper hand in the overall game. It seems as if they have been following a plan and are now at a point, where this plan of them needs to have certain input of information to make further decisions (Which they have gotten now from York’s call to the Gorosei).

I find it even more curious seeing the crew that calm and not rushing head-on into battle with the marines like we saw them doing in Wano against Kaido or missing their cue like in WCI or busting their plan with Law, while going against Ceasar.

No, this time the crew sits there relaxed, seemingly having the upper hand, doing what needs to be done (Letting York speak with the Gorosei) and everyone – even the intellectual less capable ones of the crew – seem to be able to reflect the situation and the next steps altogether (Luffy actually understands a plan! And even stranger is that Luffy is even suggesting something as complex as using York as a shield. This has not happened ever in One Piece. This is huge!).

This time we will hopefully see the SHP for once engaging in a battle with using their brain and not head right for the main entrance like we saw them do in Wano.

The people the WG targets: It seems that the WG does not only target Vegapunk, but everyone that has come into contact with the inventor. And the WG does not stop at killing their own members for the purpose of getting rid of information regarding the void century. (I know that there are more known WG-associated-people to us like Sentomaru, who have a connection to Vegapunk and are targeted by the WG therefor as well – but this will be revealed later on by Oda - trust me on this.)

Generally speaking, the plot holes, we are missing and which had been skipped between 1079 and 1089 are:
  • How the fights between the SHP and the Seraphim ended
  • Who was destroying the video snails across the Labo-stratum
  • Who had disconnected the intercom inside the Labo-Phase
  • What York wanted to do next in her plan
  • How someone figured out that York is the traitor
  • How the Stellar was rescued from York
  • How Lilith, Franky and Usopp were turned back from stone
  • Who the actual control over the Seraphim has now (Is it still York and she is forced to command them by the SHP or is someone else actually now in control as York has relinquished her control to the SHP?)
  • What happened to the BBP, who were heading towards Egghead
  • What happened to Stussy (She is not on Vegapunks side)
  • What made Lucci change from a forced ally out of necessity to a genuine one
  • How Bonney had let go of her anger and sadness
  • How Chopper’s group found an injured Shaka (- he is not dead – York has not checked his pulse and just declared that he was dead) and took care of his wound while his true identity got revealed
  • How the SHP met up again
  • How the SHP came up with an actual, functioning, strategical plan

I am utmost curious as to what caused the earthquake. Since it was felt 6 days after Lulusia, I have my doubt’s that it was a consequence of using the Mother flame on the island. Oda has not given us ample information to actually be able to work with analytically. But maybe the next chapters will give a at least a little bit.
Egghead is already a top 1 arc for me. Despite the force that’s coming to egghead, the straw hats don’t seem like under dogs for once.
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Zori vs Jack soon :steef::steef:
Zoro fans love using covers to say "zoro vs X confirmed "

I remember these stuff during Zou vs Jack wishes
Then they did the same for Wano vs Kaido
And now with Kizaru

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