One Piece Chapter 1090: "Admiral Kizaru"

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Whoa, Egghead continues to deliver, top chapter. Finally Franky & Vegapunk bonding!!!
Lucci was great in this chapter. And Kizaru is definitely a threat, I like that Luffy doesn't get too cocky around him!!!
But why wasn't Aokiji able to react to the speed of an old, injured Garp, while Sentomaru could react to prime Kizaru's light speed? Either Sentomaru's CoO and reaction is far superior to Aokiji's, or Garp even in old, injured state moves faster than Kizaru.
The reason is that light speed is slow in one piece… Both Kuzan and Garp are much faster than light speed

Kizaru’s travel speed is light speed so Sentomaru can react to it… This does not mean Kizaru’s attack and combat speed is also light speed, remember, light speed is slow… So Kizaru is very likely MUCH faster than light
These breaks are killers, man.

The last chapter was an okay setup and ending to the time away from Egghead. I did quite like the bait and switch for the big finish revealing the Strawhats had won.

Back and forth between all the characters was reasonably fun this chapter. A more than decent dialogue heavy one.

So the Seraphim were presumably not actually beaten but were stuffed in the bubbles? I actually suspected this chapter would be a flashback, quite (pleasantly) surprised that Oda seems happy to just move on. A reasonable way to preserve their hype.

Bonney being cheerful (like her more than Pudding btw, Sanji should throw her aside) made me realise I’d forgotten the entire Kuma plot was going on and as the Gorosei speak he’s climbing up to them.

Guess Law is also near confirmed for Elbaf (not that there was much doubt). Bepo’s the navigator, and I imagine his log pose hadn’t set yet either. Means he’ll be going to one of Egghead or Elbaf. Big sigh, because Kid and Law really aren’t very interesting characters and already had enough time in a long hyped arc.

It’s good that Oda’s going to devote some time to Kizaru’s character. I’ve always found him the most boring and disposable of the top tiers, a guy who seems to just be there as a quirky strong figure to stand in people’s way. The little glimpse of him, Sentomaru and VP playing with light last chapter was interesting. Him having strong ideals he won’t give up is promising as well.

And maybe we’ll actually see Luffy and Kizaru land a hit on each other before 2030. Bloody breaks.


Devon is definitely disguising as bonney, but she's willing to give sanji and she got some BIG tits so thats a sanji W i guess.

Lucci fell in love with stussy and will most likely try to do to stussy what doffy did to viola.

18+ piece in action.