One Piece Chapter 1090: "Admiral Kizaru"

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Kitetsu Wanker
Kizaru talking back to the Elder and refusing to carry out his orders??! :bignews:
I did not expect that. He just became a lot more interesting than before, considering that he looked like he would blindly carry out orders.
Unclear Justice seems to have quite some depth to it.

As soon as the Dome is down, a full invasion will begin. In the meantime, Kizaru will wreak havoc by himself.
Saturn looks exactly like the type of scumbag that Luffy hates the most, looks like an obvious pairing to me if it wasnt clear before.
I dont know where the spoilers of Egghead itself teleporting came from but there is nothing like that in the chapter I read.

I expect Kizaru to kick Sentomaru through the layers between Fabriophase and Labophase next chapter, one-shotting him in the process.
Considering that all other forces are locked out outside for the time being, Kizaru is outnumbered.
Perfect opportunity to show what he is capable of and if my predictions of his capabilities were right, number advantage is useless. :myman: