One Piece Chapter 1090: "Admiral Kizaru"

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Nice Chapter and I really liked Kizarus standpoint in this. Although I am not too much invested in the Admirals, I am still intrigued to read more about their backstories ever since Oda shown us how they looked in their childhoods in the SBS. You can tell based from their looks that most of them had it rough at the start.

And of course my personal highlight of this chapter, the Usopp and Luffy Elbaf panel.:catsure:
Teased 20+ Years ago, we are finally heading towards it. The only thing that might delay this could be Luffy getting the News about Garp somehow, would he immediately change course to Hachinosu instead? The length of this Arc has already surpassed my expactation.
I like how Oda tease Elbaf, just for us to finally get there in 2025
The Seraphim look fucking clean. It really looks like their invulnerable Flame On state is permanent unlike natural born Lunarians like King. Is it because they're part cyborg? Or due to some other DNA mixed in like that of giants?