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Why Oda why, why did you make that Lucci fodder K.O Sentomaru.

If Sentomaru blocked Kizaru without that anti feat his stock would've going crazyyyy now

I doubt Kizaru is going serious, but I wanted Sentomaru to be YC+1


You say he bested Kaido so it's all find cuz he's stronger.
So him beating Akainu should make any other admiral fight not assured cuz Akainu is stronger so it will be fine.
Yes that's exactly what I'm saying lmao.
Did Luffy beat Akainu ? No. Hence Luffy vs Kizaru can happen. But can Luffy fight Akainu after Kizaru ? Yes. Because Akainu is stronger just like Katakuri was stronger than Cracker.

There is no point for Luffy to go back to a weaker character. He beat Kaido and the next guy will be Teach who at that point will be above Kaido.
It seems Luffy Vs Kizaru is about to happen, Zoro can still get some swordsman fights against a gorosei or Fujitora.

Rematch asap plus Kizaru always clashes with the VC of crews I'd be dope additionally we've seen G5 this arc already I think it'd be cool to see KOH this arc.
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