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Sentomaru blocking kizaru is a nice feat, i mean lucci kinda cheap shoted him lol.
Seraphims are fine as it seems from the spoilers so an all fight didn't happen.
Kizaru is on the move :steef:
Lucci is still under the marines and the only question i have in mind is....
lucci vs which strawhat? Sanji or zoro?
Shiryu > Lizaru > Mihawk.

Mihawk can't penetrate Vista's Haki.

Lizaru can't penetrate wounded weakened Sento.

Shiryu penetrates Iron Garp's (who fought Roger) Haki.

Sasaki Kojirō

Alright I'll admit, the kizaru being stopped while relying solely on CQC is one thing because admirals are idiots carried by DF but being stopped while using their DF? That's extremely bad for him.

Even Lucci had a better representation against Sentomaru and the worst thing is that we can't deny it, Lucci had a better representation the guy literally "shot" Sentomaru.
Kizaru is trying to protect Sento, you see even last chapter he tried it, this chapter aswell. Sadly he will not have another choice, next chapter Sento is good for done.

I wouldn't downplay Kizaru after all, Luffy vs Kizaru will be epic.
Looks like they will escape before kizaru meets luffy they already arrived to the ship but not the whole crew
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