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Oh damn RIP @Erkan12 Kizaru doesn’t want to hurt his friend Sentomaru lol.

Man, first Oda had Kuzan not wanting to injure Garp, now Kizaru doesn’t want to injure Sentomaru. Is Oda really this scared to show us a serious Admiral??? Lol
Why Lizaru is using DF? Teach didn't use Quake DF vs SHawk.

Sento didn't use Axe as well, you think he wants to hurt Lizaru? :gokulaugh:
:josad:Why is Kizaru worried about what Sentomaru will do
Navy fans said Kizaru isn't afraid of anything though


:kayneshrug:Still Sentomaru hype, Kizaru got blocked
Even if he held back a little ir not...it is his own fault
He's not afraid and he's not even worried for himself but for the ships staying behind if he goes to attack

That's more of a Saturn L since Kizaru doesnt think he can handle the Sea Beast Weapons
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