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Katakuri: Kizaru
Stature and Buster call : Linlin

Luffy will stay behind fighting Kizaru for hours and will win
While half the crew escape to elbaf and the other half stay fighting until Luffy finishes the battle then they run away

Revos or BMP or Cross Guild will show up
Saturn isn’t fast enough to get inside the dome though
Alright lets get real. The One Piece Community is known for their early conclusions in every Arc and almost every Chapter regarding Powerlvl of specific Charachters just to get debunked next Week. Kizaru mostlikely if he has no choice will destroy Sentomaru in the upcoming Chapters. These small Clashes or blocks of the supposed way weaker Charachters is something we saw so often in OP.

When Sanji clashed with King how many started screaming Zoro vs Queen will happen?? Its always the same shit.

Gorosei Informer

Lmao I knew Kizaru was holding back due to his fondness for Sentomaru. But you know, we're just "making excuses" for the Admirals and they're just inhuman killing machines with no free will, no empathy/compassion and thus humanity etc.

It amazes me how so many Admiral downplayers miss all the nuance with the Admirals that Oda has been reinforcing since Aokiji first appeared and once again when they appear in later arcs.
Kuzan/Aokiji and especially Fujitora as well as Film Z showed how humane and surprisingly compassionate, moral, benevolent some of the Admirals can be at least.

Hell Oda has even been implying Akainu has both tragic and tender sides to him, he's not just a militaristic, dogma obsessed, brainwashed brute or dog.

But you know subtlety be damned.

Oda loves making a lot of his antagonists nuanced and like with some of Narutos, Bleach, Fairy Tail, Yu Yu Hakusho etc it works to great effect.

The Admirals are widely misunderstood and misinterpreted, its sad.

One of the best parts of One Piece is Oda really playing on multiple perspectives and showing gray areas to most characters at least. Even the most virtuous and the most scummy characters can have opposing traits to who they mostly are.
What the hell does the world government have on Lucci, that he keeps running back to them. What a fukcijg dog
He's worse than Kizaru at this point. If you follow the CP9 cover story you'd think there's a good reason for them to rebel, but look at this idiot, he's worth less than a slave. I hope Lucci is just playing them and this shit isn't true, because otherwise it ruins his character. Although the plot is pretty much fucked at this point anyway.
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